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As you know, Digital Marketing for Jewelry stores is really challenging because there are so many marketing avenues to know about, deal with or just be familiar with. So, if you are interested in learning more about all of the marketing activities that you can be doing to drive more customers to your store and website, schedule a call with us today.

In the call, we carefully review your website and online presence, give you actionable tips and advice to take and tell you about how our services might be helpful for you. Overall, this is a free consultation for jewelry stores to get more knowledge about getting more business to come your way. So, if you want to learn what you could be doing, fill in the form below and get on our schedule today. You will not regret it!

Schedule a Digital Marketing Strategy Session

Currently, we only work established brick and mortar jewelry stores in the US or Canada.

Jewelry Store Marketers have been a great pleasure to work with...

Guy and his company Jewelry Store Marketers have been a great pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend Jewelry Store Marketers for anyone looking to create a website completely tailored to them and their business needs. I met Guy and Sonny at the Atlanta Jewelry Show back in October 2021 and after some initial conversation I decided to take a closer look into them and take the plunge with their company. Guy and his team took care of everything including answering the many questions we had at the beginning of the process. Thanks to them our company now has a professional website, fully customized to our needs, which is launching by April 11th. Overall our expectations were more than exceeded working alongside Guy and his team at Jewelry Store Marketers.


Amazingly kind, attentive and helpful during the process...

I am so thankful for JSM and Guy Pineda! Not only did they create a highly professional website for me, but were amazingly kind, attentive and helpful during the process. I leaned on the JSM team to provide guidance and insight as well along the way and they always delivered! I highly recommend JSM!